Who are EZ-Dock Ireland?

EZ-Dock Ireland is the waterfront facilities division of Spraoi Linn Ltd. This is an Irish company  that supplies and maintains sports and leisure infrastructure to County Councils and private clubs & organisations throughout Ireland. Our waterfront products are based around a modular pontoon boat system that is incredibly versatile.

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What is an EZ-Dock?

EZ-Dock is a highly versatile, durable modular floating dock system. These pontoons benefit from being incredibly easy to install and can be configured to meet your unique waterfront needs. There is a wide variety of dock sections available that can be configured to form almost any shape of dock, platform or marina you require.

Why should you Care?

EZ-Dock products are virtually maintenance free and kind to your feet. They have a non slip surface and a non invasive colour that also allows sun rays to pass through so they are kind to the environment. They will never splinter and require no painting or power washing. Soap and water and a regular garden hose is all you will need to keep them looking fantastic. They rise and fall with the tides so your access to and from the water will always be easy and consistently the same.

Where can EZ-Dock be used?

EZ-Docks marine grade flotation chambers are manufactured with a thick walled heavy duty polyethylene construction making them structurally sound. When organised into a dock design with our pylons they form very stable platforms that will rise and fall with the tides. Our Docks are suited to almost all waterfront properties. Below is an image of EZ-Dock being used by a waterfront hotel to dock pedal boats for their guests and another to show how stable and bouyant they are! The vehicle was placed on a section of EZ-Dock for display at a golf tournament.

When is EZ-Dock suitable to use?

Do you have 7 minutes to spare? Then why not watch this video and you will know all you need to know about the uses and benefits of installing a pontoon of you own. Enjoy the video!!

How is EZ-Dock installed?

It starts with a site survey and a plan. Having surveyed the site, its depth and exposure to wind and tides, existing or not anchoring options and your specific needs and use of the dock we can sit down and plan a dock layout with you and all the add-on’s that will create your unique EZ-Dock.

This will involve choosing various different size and shape dock sections and accessories needed to build the platform. We will calculate the amount of couplers and anchoring accessories required to ensure the pontoon docks safety and stability.

EZ-Dock patented couplers are strong, flexible and extremely reliable. They are made from recycled rubber and the nuts and bolts are made from a rust resistant composite material. This coupling system ensures strength and durability even in the harshest weather conditions.These couplers are used to link each dock section to the next. A typical installation will involve joining dock sections together at the waters edge and pushing the EZ-Dock further out on the water as new sections are added on.

Finally the dock will need to be secured in place. There are numerous anchoring options available to suit different waterfront features. The most common solution is pipe anchoring. EZ-Dock supply pipe brackets that are coupled to the dock section that allow the dock to rise and fall with the tide while secured to metal pipe pylons. These pipes are generally bolted to a pipe auger and screwed down to the sea or river bed.

Complete EZ Dock Installation with Steel Pipe Anchoring.

Once all the sections are secured to each other and the dock is well anchored, its good to!

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent stability on water
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Bright Colour, “cool to touch”
  • Safe, non-slip surface
  • Strong and flexible
  • Secure connection couplers
  • Versatile modular design
  • Anchoring systems for all conditions
  • All year round use
  • Customizable with the ability to add on
  • Quick and easy installation

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