EZ Dock Marina with corner gussets & EZ Stow corner storage boxes.

EZ-Dock’s variety of modular pontoon dock sections and accessories can easily be configured to meet your specific needs and design. The drive-on EZ BoatPorts®, EZ Pontoon Lifts, EZ Ports® for PWCs, floating docks and walkways are the ideal watercraft management system, providing dry-docking, walk-around room, access at the water level, and a safe space to get on and off your watercraft. Contact us to find out how EZ Dock can enhance your waterfront.

Fisheries, Parks and Recreational areas

kids EZ Dock swim platforms with slides and swim ladders.

The waterfront, regardless of whether its coastal, a river bank, lake shore or man made reservoir, has long attracted people to enjoy their leisure time. Fishing clubs, swimming and diving groups, wind surfing and kids activity groups all enjoy the waterfront and have their own unique needs. Whether additional space is needed for berthing or dry docking fishing craft, fishing platforms or deeper water access is needed the EZ dock system is ideal. There are also a huge amount of accessories available including water slides, swim ladders, seating and storage and life buoy add-ons to create ideal and safe on water fun parks and fishing clubs.

Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants

EZ docks are a particularly useful extension to hotels, resorts and restaurants. For some this may only be seasonal and others an all year round requirement. Hotels and resorts can increase their activities capacity and extend further when the need arises as a result of this easy to assemble modular dock system. Extra seating can be added for weddings and functions on safe large stable platforms and roofing systems are also available to protect guests from changeable weather conditions. Simply get a quote here and see how installing an EZ Dock will enhance and improve your business

Nature Preserves

EZ Trail Walkway suspended to preserve the vegetation.

The EZ Trail® system from EZ Dock is a smart way to create accessible ramps and pathways in your woodland, wetland, or any other place you need a safe and durable walking platform. The EZ trail system is less invasive, and the large interconnecting, modular sections are simple to install. You can easily add sections as needed, or re-configure your walkway anytime you like. Read more about these on our products page.

Rowing and Kayaking

EZ Dock Ramp & Launch for Rowing club.

EZ Docks low profile makes accessing the water in a canoe or Kayak a breeze and can be customized by adding an EZ Launch, which you can read about on our products page, to allow users with disabilities access the water safely and with confidence. Given that the pontoon dock rises and falls with the changing water levels your access to and exit from the water will be consistently the same, making it ideal for canoe and kayak enthusiasts.

Competitions, Display & Special Events

Temporary Dock giving public access to Dragon Boats.

The EZ dock system can be used for temporary sports events and displays to great effect. This modular pontoon dock system is great for providing event organizers with a versatile and completely customizable judging & spectating platforms and walkways. They have proven extremely popular at Golf competitions, fishing contests, Wake Boarding, kite boarding events and other novelty events.

Residential and Property development

Home EZ Dock with Boat Port & PWC Ports.

Are you lucky enough to live right on the waterfront. You can enhance your property and lifestyle quickly and easily by adding your own floating dock and or swim platform. These docks are completely modular in design and can be added to or altered over time to suit your individual needs. EZ Docks are virtually maintenance free and super easily installed. You can browse the products page to see the variety of products and accessories available or simply send us a message and we will be in touch  to discuss your options and give you a quote.

Industrial Use

On Water floating industrial platform with safety rails.

EZ Dock’s floating pontoon dock sections create an agile and tough system that can be installed quickly and moved easily with little expense in time or effort. The portable work platforms can support up to 300 Kgs per square metre of load, and assembly and disassembly for transport or storage is quick and easy. During on-water construction our pontoon platforms provide easy access to the job site and a safe environment for moving equipment and steadying parts. With EZ Dock, you can custom-tailor a Floating Work/Loading Platform to meet the specific requirements of your project and incorporate our modular rails where necessary to ensure workers safety .

Contact us for ideas on how to use our modular dock system for your construction business.

Temporary & Emergency Use

Temporary works platform.

As we have discovered, the EZ Dock system is particularly useful, adaptable and easily assembled for temporary sports, recreation, industrial and additional docking requirements. The platforms are stable and safe with a wide variety of add-ons to suit virtually any use. Of particular note is the potential use for EZ Dock in flood risk areas. EZ Dock walkways can allow residents, business owners and farmers access to their properties cut off by seasonal flooding and dock sections can even be used as floating platforms to assist in safely evacuating people when necessary.

Contact EZ-Dock Ireland to discuss your individual options here.